The new standard for the pyrotechnical industry.

Engineered for the assembly of single shot tubes in the pyrotechnical industry, tailored for users of visualization software.

Setting up your display in a multidirectional and highly accurate configuration has never been easier!

The Pyrosolution system is impact resistant, durable and easy to use. This will be a significant money saving system due its versatility, no more heavy equipment, easy to store and transport. 

The ultimate investment for pyrotechnics

• Cost saving
• Easy to use
• Multidirectional
• High sustainable
• Impact resistant
• Non-flammable

Pyrosolution is a patented system developed with the pyrotechnical knowledge of the Fuego-Fireworks team.
(Registered under No. 008596662-0001)

Highly accurate angles

adjustable from -90 till +90 degrees in 5-degree increments.

Angles without adapter ring

Angles with adapter ring

Suitable for Single Shot Tubes Produced By:

Ricasa | Ultratec | Weco | Vulcan

Product elements

The pyrosolution product exists out of 2 main elements, the Pyrosolution slider, and the Pyrosolution adapter.

Together these two elements create unlimited possibilities when designing your pyro show!

Adapter and its angles

The adapter consists of three parts: -the bottom part, -the top part and -the rotation adapter. By using the bottom and top part only, you create angles with an offset by 5 degrees. For configurations by 10 degrees you need to place the rotation adapter in between.

Quick setup guide

Step 1

Grab all the materials you need for one position

Step 2

Adjust the adapters to the preferred angles and slide the adapters in the two base profiles.
Attention! Rotation adapter needed for angles by 10 degrees. No rotation adapter needed for angles by 5 degrees

Step 3

Slide the aluminium profiles on top of the adapters

Step 4

Mount the single shot effects on the position

Step 5

Ready to connect at the firing system


Gear supplies

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